Why Use Masterkloud AWS Consolidated Billing?

Masterson offers a consolidated billing for our clients who are already using AWS. You can choose us as a vendor instead of being billed directly by Amazon. We can provide you a monthly rebate, free management services and a visualized portal.

Using AWS Direct Payment

No Discount

AWS charges you a monthly fee as usual without discount, i.e. HKD10,000, in November 2017

Payment Restriction

AWS charges you by USD, and you need to settle the bill by one payment option only, i.e., credit card

Standard Dashboard

AWS offers you a standard billing portal without any free managed service

Using Masterson

3% Discount Without Extra Charge

Masterson offers you a 3% discount rebate from the AWS monthly billing without extra charge, i.e. HKD300 rebate in December 2017 for HKD10,000 monthly fee in November 2017

Easy Payment

Masterson charges you the local currency (HKD) and you can pay by more options apart from credit card, i.e., by cheque or by bank-in payment

Free Managed Service with Visualized Portal

Masterson offers you a free single management console with visualized portal, you can check the real-time status of utilization, performance, inventory with on-going cost optimization review and adjustment. Report can be customized by region, service or by tag. New AWS service sharing will be provided