Why use AWS for backup and recovery?

Cloud storage for your backup needs

AWS’s broad range of storage solutions are designed for many of your workloads today. This flexibility allows you to focus on your business’s needs, and eliminates the challenges around figuring out what storage systems to purchase

No overprovisioning needed

AWS allows you to pay for only what you need and no capacity planning, purchasing capacity, or large up-front payments in advance is require. You get the benefits without the upfront investment and hassle of setting up and maintaining an on-premises system.

Your data secured

AWS security certifications allow you to remain compliant and encrypted with your data. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud allows creation of private facing subnet for databases and application servers for more security control

Data transfer at just the right speed

AWS supports several methods for loading and retrieving data, including: the public Internet; a direct network connection with AWS; the AWS Import/Export services; and for backups of application data

You control where your data is

With 11 regions and variety of availability zones, AWS allows you to choose in which region your data resides to minimize latency and costs, and spreads data across designated AZs for more protection

Effortless data replication

Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier automatically replicate data across multiple data centers and is designed to deliver 99.9% durability. AWS is designed to deliver robust data protection, without worrying about where the data is.