You can simplify budget tracking and spending analysis to reduce waste and lower overall costs in the cloud by using cloud cost management tool.

Cost Reduction

Uncover hidden cloud costs and monitor increases in resource spend with over a year of historical data at your fingertips.
 Customize automated policies to identify immediate cost saving opportunities and take corrective action.
 Save money by leveraging automated recommendations to downsize or terminate unused resources.​

Reserved Instance Management

Identify opportunities to reduce costs based on reserved instance usage trends.

 Receive proactive recommendations to ensure your Reserved Instance purchases are always fully optimized based on historical usage, reservation types, and expiring reservations.

Spend Tracking

Create reallocation rules to distribute cloud costs among one or more business groups, and know which departments, teams, owners, or applications are accountable for driving these costs. Evaluate month-over-month spending trends and anomalies, and leverage your historical data to forecast future spend over a custom period of time.

Budget Reporting

Define cloud operating budgets by customizable business units. Compare the actual spend to your monthly budget and be proactively notified when you are projected to exceed it.
 Hold departments or teams accountable by viewing the breakdown of monthly spend per business unit and allocating costs to the appropriate team.