We provide you an one-touch disaster recovery solution utilizing block-level continuous replication, highly automated machine conversion and orchestration. All these can ensure minimal Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for all applications and significantly reduce traditional disaster recovery expenses.

Total Cost of Ownership Reduction

Traditional disaster recovery solutions usually require duplicate compute and storage infrastructure in the target site. For CloudEndure, it leverages AWS to keep your data in sync using lightweight compute and storage. Therefore, you only pay for your fully provisioned recovery environment in an actual disaster, which significantly reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Any Application From Any Source

It supports all types of infrastructures, including physical, virtual, and cloud-based source, and all applications including databases and other write-intensive workloads. Same automated process can be used to replicate and recover workloads in AWS regardless of your operation system, application, or database.

High Level of Security

We follow the highest security standards and is ISO 27001 compliant. In-transit data encryption is provided using AES 256-bit and data-at-rest encryption in your target AWS Region. Replication traffic is transmitted directly from your source machines to your target AWS Region, and can be restricted to your private networks for better security, speed, and control.


CloudEndure operates in the background, without rebooting or impacting your system in any noticeable way. Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) engine works in memory, does not use snapshots and write any data to disk. So, there will be no impact on the performance.

Minimal Recovery Point Objective & Recovery Time Objective

Comparing with snapshot-based solutions which update target locations at infrequent intervals, CloudEndure uses Continuous Data Protection, enabling sub-second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Automated machine conversion and orchestration enable Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes.

Independence and Control

We give you the control to test your target machines frequently by just clicking a button. You can quickly and easily shift your disaster recovery strategy to AWS from existing physical or virtual data centers, private clouds, or other public clouds, in addition to supporting cross-region disaster recovery in AWS.