As an extended service arm of our servicing companies, Masterson provides system installation, hardware and software maintenance support services to our customers. The team, actively participating the tasks in the ISO certified organization of our client, consists of a call dispatcher and a group of engineers operating 24/7. The engineers are certified in multi-vendor platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, and Red Hat Linux, EMC, HDS, Symantec.

Call management system is employed to capture up-to-date call status and information and can be accessed by people anytime anywhere. Work processes are documented to ensure tasks are performed as planned and to trigger management escalation whenever attention is needed. Monthly call report will be submitted to client for performance review and auditing.

Next-Generation Managed Service – What does It means to you?

As the workload on the cloud is becoming unpredictable and complex, the needs to move to a more intelligible, automation friendly approach is the center of focus for higher productivity. It is not just to ask your service providers to run and maintain your systems, but you want to have a strategic partner to life your business to the next level. Based on our experience and since our customer demanding faster and efficient change and monitoring services. We are here to introduce our new service transition to suit AWS next-gen requirement.

AWS Cloud Managed Service Program

Masterson Technology Limited is a full-scale information technology solutions company that provides fully-managed services to support the set-up, operation and maintenance of cloud-based business management and resource protection. 

Masterson was one of the first companies to become an Advanced Consulting Partner within the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) in the Asia Pacific Region. In late 2015, Masterson was named Consulting Partner within Amazon’s China region. This recognition is a result of Masterson’s high level performance in the managed solutions field, and its commitment to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

Our managed services include the monitoring of mission-critical applications, alerting systems, integrated ticketing, remote access control, scripting, patch management and complete antivirus software, as well as detailed reporting based on high-standard service-level agreements.

  • Managed Operation 
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Availability
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed Performance
  • Dashboards and Insights

You can find the below details for the Cloud Managed Service Program.