Masterson Technology Limited was recognised as the 2019 Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for Customer Impact at the annual Pivotal Partner Summit in the USA on October 7, 2019. This award from Pivotal Software recognises Masterson’s impact to customers in helping companies on their digital transformation journeys.

“I’m delighted to announce that Masterson has received the APJ Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for Customer Impact Award,” said Mr. Nick Cayou, Vice President of Global Ecosystem, Pivotal Software. “This award recognises partners who have delivered services contributing to notable customer success using Pivotal’s offerings.”

Masterson also won two APJ regional awards as a Pivotal Ready Partner Program (PRPP) Partner:

  • The APJ PRPP Partner of the Year Award, which recognises Masterson for making significant breakthroughs in new customer accounts, helping them embark on their business and technology transformation journey with Pivotal’s solutions.
  • The APJ Sales Marvel of the Year Award, which recognises their sales, for being a true trusted advisor in helping customers transform their business through Pivotal’s solutions.

“Through the adoption of Pivotal’s unique application transformation framework, operating under a hybrid, multi-cloud model, Masterson is able to help enterprises to redefine their core value, differentiating themselves in this highly disruptive market environment,” said Mr. James Tso, Chief Strategy Officer of Masterson. “Masterson is honoured to be recognised by Pivotal for our great partnership.”

Winning these Pivotal Partner Awards reflects Masterson’s significant efforts to support cooperation between clients and Pivotal in the past 12 months.

Mr. Lionel Lim, President and Managing Director, Pivotal APJ, added, “Masterson is one of Pivotal’s early partners in Asia-Pacific, embracing Pivotal’s vision for customers from the start—transforming software development based on cloud-native platforms, development tools, and unique methodologies. We look forward to working with Masterson to help more customers in their transformation journeys.”

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Masterson 被評為 2019年度 Pivotal APJ系統整合合作夥伴

在 2019年10月7日於美國 Austin, Texas 舉行的年度 Pivotal合作夥伴峰會上,Masterson Technology Limited (Masterson)被認可為2019年亞太和日本(APJ)地區,年度最佳客戶影響力系統整合合作夥伴。 此 Pivotal Software獎項,認可了 Masterson在幫助企業進行數位化轉型過程中,對客戶的影響力。

Pivotal Software全球業務生態系統副總裁 Mr. Nick Cayou表示:很高興宣布 Masterson榮獲年度 APJ最佳客戶影響力系統整合合作夥伴大獎,該獎項旨在表揚那些使用 Pivotal產品為客戶作出傑出貢獻的服務合作夥伴。

除了獲得此項全球公認的獎項外,身為 Pivotal Ready合作夥伴(PRPP),Masterson還榮獲得了兩個 APJ區域性獎項:

  • 亞太區年度合作夥伴大獎,認同 Masterson在開拓新客戶方面取得重大突破,並藉Pivotal解決方案幫助客戶踏上了業務和技術轉型之路。
  • 亞太區年度銷售成就大獎,認同 Masterson作為一家值得信賴的銷售顧問,通過幫助客戶,以Pivotal解決方案實現業務轉型。

Masterson公司首席策略總監 Mr. James Tso表示:配合混合雲、多種雲的運作模式,Pivotal 採用獨特的應用程序轉換框架,使 Masterson能夠幫助企業重新定義其核心價值,從而在這個高速發展的市場環境中脫穎而出。Masterson很榮幸獲得 Pivotal認可的重要合作夥伴。

此次獲得Pivotal年度合作夥伴多項大獎,充分證明了 Masterson在過去一年中為支援客戶與Pivotal合作所作出的重大努力和貢獻。

Pivotal APJ總裁兼董事總經理 Mr. Lionel Lim補充說:Masterson是 Pivotal在亞太地區最早期合作夥伴之一,從一開始便實踐 Pivotal對客戶的使命 – 以原生雲平台、開發工具和獨特方法,改進軟件的開發進程。 Pivotal期待與 Masterson合作,以幫助更多的客戶進行轉型。

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