Wavefront is a metrics monitoring and analytics service which lets you visualize, query and alert over data from across your stack (infrastructure, network, cloud, containers, custom app metrics, business KPI, etc.). On top, we provide out-of-the-box solutions for key monitoring use cases, including pre-built integrations and dashboards to make it quick and easy to pull in metrics and start seeing insights.

Application Monitoring

Monitoring applications in highly dynamic environments at scale is not easy. DevOps teams including developers and SRE use Wavefront to monitor modern, cloud-native applications, microservices and serverless without any overhead.

Container Monitoring

Adoption of containerized microservices requires new tools. Wavefront makes it easy with prebuilt integrations and dashboards – get visibility into all your containers, orchestrated clusters, and containerized apps running Docker, PKS, Kubernetes, ECS.

Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Migration to the cloud requires new tools. Wavefront makes it a snap to add advanced monitoring with prebuilt integrations and dashboards – get visibility into all of your AWS, Azure, and GCP services to reduce cloud costs and improve application performance.

Serverless Monitoring

Major pain points for DevOps teams when delivering serverless functions arise primarily from the need to monitor hundreds and thousands of functions and their dependencies in ephemeral cloud environments. Deliver serverless code faster and more reliably using Wavefront Lambda SDK and Delta counters. 

Infrastructure Monitoring

When troubleshooting an application, you must correlate application against changes in the infrastructure. Wavefront enables easy application behaviour correlation against infrastructure changes in servers, networks, storage or hypervisors and VMS.