AWS hosted a webinar on 10 October 2019 with VMware and Masterson on Introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS. Three speakers include Mr. William Lam, the senior cloud architect from Masterson; Mr. Deckard Cheung, the cloud specialist from VMware; Mr. Chan Kwun Hok the solution architect from AWS. We shared with our audience on:

  • The business benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS and popular use cases
  • How VMware Cloud on AWS operate in different hybrid scenarios through demo
  • Partner offering for VMware Cloud on AWS and how APN Partner can help accelerate your cloud journey

Masterson’s Cloud Managed Service can assist enterprise through its digital transformation journey, together with VMware Cloud on AWS, we provide  enterprise with highly scalable, secure, and innovative services. In a mature cloud computing environment, it can save resources, technology and costs, and ensure data security, thereby strengthening the original cloud application capabilities. VMware’s computing (vSphere), storage (vSAN), and even network virtualization (NSX), together with the vCenter management system, the entire software-defined data center (SDDC) is seamlessly deployed on AWS, and fully enjoy services such as cloud transfer, data center extension, application development and testing, and even disaster recovery. Therefore, client can flexibly meet its own need and formulate a suitable cloud strategy.

The VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) service’s cloud migration solution ensures that cloud migration can be completed quickly without tedious processes, thus reduces the workload of the enterprise’s own IT team. In addition, AWS’s Data Lake solution has more microservices including Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB, etc., which not only simplifies data access, but also enables further analysis of data. Furthermore, client can easily obtain the additional computing requirements through the extended data center from cloud and meet the demand from expansion of business.

Data security is particularly important for enterprise. VMware already has a reliable disaster recovery software called Site Recovery Manager, which in conjunction with AWS‘s CloudEndure Disaster Recovery solution, can protect customer data and applications more efficiently and without interruption. In addition, AWS provides three available regions with different geographical locations in Hong Kong, which further ensures that even if one region fails, data can be seamlessly transferred to a safe region, reducing the risk of business interruption from enterprise.